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Valrhona is a French premium chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine-growing district near Lyon.[2] It is now a subsidiary of Bongrain.[3][4] The company was founded in 1922[5] by a French pastry chef, Albéric Guironnet, from the Rhône valley and has five subsidiaries and 60 local distributors across the globe. It is one of the leading producers of gastronomic chocolate in the world.


借用葡萄酒中的”頂級產地“(Grand Cru) 概念,生產出獨一無二的頂級產地巧克力 (Grand Crus Chocolates)。



每一種頂級產地可可豆所製成的巧克力,各自擁有不同的風味 ;有花香、有果香、有咖啡香、有



Valrhona Alpaco 66%

A Grand Cru whose subtle floral aromas melt exquisitely into supremely intense chocolatey notes. The majority of the cocoa used for Alpaco comes from the Ecuadorian Arriba bean. It combines strength and sophistication, and offers delicate floral aromas of jasmine and orange blossom, intimately and intricately intertwined with deep cocoa notes. The subtleness of floral aromas exquisitely melting into supremely intense chocolatey notes. Pure Equador. 66% cocoa.

頂級Alpaco 艾爾帕可產地巧克力



2008年底 , VALRHONA 增添了兩款頂級產地 Alpaco 艾爾帕可 (66%)便為其中之一,

厄瓜多(Ecuador)是一個重要的可可生產國, 在其境內由 Vinces,Quevedo 與 Babaoio 三個村莊所

構成的金三角中, 隱藏著一些古老的可可莊園,在這裡,種植傳統本土的"納旬諾"(Nacioal) 種可可

豆,更令人熟知的名字為"阿里巴"(Ariba)種. 艾爾帕可(Alpaco)頂級產地巧克力最主要的可可豆,就

是使用這個品種. 艾爾帕可的擁有豐富且具力道的可可香氣, 帶有細緻的花香,類似茉莉花與柳


"Passie" stands for passion and I guess "for Chocolate" doesn't need an explanation ;-)


Passie for Chocolate is run by two Chocolatiers (one from Holland and one from Taiwan) with passion for Chocolate, Deserts and Pastries... We have combined our experience, passion and cultures, mixed them with imagination to create the most unique chocolates... 

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